Murphys, Calaveras County, California

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Buena Vista Cemetery

For your safety and for the safety of all, we ask that everyone visiting the cemetery follow this summary of Policies and Procedures and any amendments that may be adopted and/or revised from time to time.​

Cemetery Policies

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Governing Body

The policies and procedures of the Murphys Cemetery District are made for the mutual protection and benefit of the interment right owners and the Cemetery. These policies may limit actions which would interfere with the rights of others, as well as require or encourage actions to preserve and enhance the general scheme and beauty of the property. No policy has been adopted except as is necessary to preserve the rights of all for whom the Board of Trustees considers itself responsible. All plots are subject to the policies and procedures governing the Buena Vista Cemetery.

The Murphys Cemetery District is a Special District of Calaveras County and is governed by a legislative body known as the Murphys Cemetery District Board of Trustee who are appointed by the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors for four year terms. The responsibilty of the Board of Trustees is to establish policies for the operation of the cemetery district.

The cemetery trustees shall have the custody and keeping of the original and official cemetery records of plots, conveyances, interment right owners and interments in the district cemeteries and shall keep official maps of the cemeteries. Currently there is one cemetery in the Murphys Cemetery District, known as Buena Vista Cemetery.

The district boundaries are extensive and go from the Alpine County line down to above Vallecito and follows part of the Mokelumne River on one side, as well as following the Stanislaus River on the other side. The boundary map of the Murphys Cemetery District is available on the Calaveras County website at or can be looked at by clicking HERE

Murphys Cemetery District/Buena Vista Cemetery  209-728-2307

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Murphys Cemetery District Policies

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Specific cases may arise in which literal enforcement of a rule may impose an unnecessary hardship. The Cemetery District Trustees shall have the right to make exceptions from the rules when deemed advisable for the best interest of the property. Such exception shall not be considered as rescinding or waiving any of the the rules. Any waiver made by the Murphys Cemetery District Board of Trustees shall not be considered as a continuing waiver and shall not bar the cemetery district from enforcing the usual policies and procedures at a later date.

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