Murphys, Calaveras County, California

Buena Vista Cemetery

Miscellaneous Regulations

  • Buena Vista Cemetery is open from 7 AM until dusk. No person shall be permitted on cemetery grounds between the hours of nine o'clock (9:00) p.m. and six o'clock (6:00) a.m.
  • The regularly designated entrance gate shall be the sole and only means of entering and leaving the cemetery.
  • ‚ÄčNo discharging of firearms of any kind are permitted on cemetery grounds except in the case of a military funeral or Memorial and Veterans Day events. This shall not apply to officers of the law or to members of the armed forces of theUnited States in the discharge of their duties.
  • No alcohol or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or mind-altering substances on cemetery property is permitted.
  • No smoking on cemetery grounds.
  • No person shall burn any material within the cemetery grounds except authorized cemetery personnel.
  • Children under the age of fourteen (14) years are hereby prohibited from the District cemeteries, except when accompanied by an adult responsible for their conduct
  • Loitering and/or solicitation on cemetery property is prohibited at all times
  • Domestic animals not on a leash are prohibited on Cemetery grounds, except for service animals to assist the disabled. All pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animal.
  • Horses shall be not be allowed in the cemetery.
  • Cemetery roads are narrow with a speed limit of five (5) miles per hour. U-turns are not permitted. Vehicles allowed only on designated roadways.
  • Large trucks or buses are not permitted on cemetery roads.
  • Litter receptacles are provided at various convenient locations and visitors are requested to use them to dispose of any litter.
  • No cemetery employee shall receive any gratuity from any person.
  • Picking flowers, breaking or damaging trees or shrubs or in any way damaging any monument or headstone is prohibited and subject to severe penalty according to State law.
  • The cemetery district shall not be financially responsible for any damage to plots and structures or objects thereon or for flowers or articles removed from any plot or grave.
  • Please show respect and consideration when visiting Buena Vista Cemetery. Remember, the gravestones are not only very old and fragile, but of great sentimental value to the families of the deceased.
  • The water in the cemetery will be turned off during winter months due to the risk of freeze and the chance of pipes breaking. Please schedule any plot work requiring water during the months of April through October.

The Policy Manual of the Murphys Cemetery District covers other regulations such as Eligibility to Purchase Interment Rights; Pre-need Plot Purchases; Interment Rules; Curbing and Monuments Requirements; Floral Tributes & Plants; Care of Cemetery Plots and Grounds and similar matters. To read, download or print the entire Policy Manual click HERE.


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