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Effective January 1, 2024


The listed costs for a plot do not include the Endowment Care Fund fee that is required by California Health and Safety Code Section 8738

​Plots prices for 2024 in Buena Vista Cemetery are:

Cremation Plot5’ X 5’Residents: $175Eligible Non-Residents: $400
Full Size Plot5’ X 10”Residents: $350Eligible Non-Residents: $800
Double Plot10’ X 10’Residents: $700Eligible Non-Residents: $1,600

All full burials require a grave liner at an additional cost. Grave liners fees are paid to the mortuary.

 A Clean-Up deposit of $500 will be required if the grave digging is done by someone other than a grave digger contracted by a mortuary. This deposit will be refunded within ten days of the burial if the plot is in an acceptable condition. If the plot is not in an acceptable condition within ten days of the burial as determined by the Murphys Cemetery District, the entire deposit will be forfeited.

New Cemetery Section
​There is an area of the Buena Vista Cemetery that is not yet open for plot purchases. The prices in that section may be higher than in the current cemetery areas and may vary by location. No sales or plot reservations will be made in this area until the Trustees decide there is a need to use this area.